Monday, November 14, 2011

Don't Let the Bed Bugs BITE Part 2 (Treatment)

If you are at all unsure of applying toxic chemicals yourself or if you have a particularly large infestation it is probably wise to get in professional such as BlueJay Termite and Pest Control  to help in the treatment of bed bugs.

 Treatment for bed bugs can vary but it is essential that swift, immediate action is taken to eliminate the infestation quickly.
Firstly you should determine that you do actually have bed bugs. This is relatively easy to do. Inspect your mattress closely particularly in any creases and folds, around buttons and handles as well as along seam lines. Don’t forget to check the box spring too. Should you have rips or holes in the fabric of your mattress or box spring this potentially will make the treatment for bed bugs more difficult because they will undoubtedly be living and breeding inside

Here are six helpful tips to ridding your home of BED BUGs

1. Remove all bedding and soft furnishings – you should place these in sealed plastic bags to prevent the spread of bugs to other areas of the building. All items which can be washed should be  at as high of  a temperature as the fabrics will handle.
2. Items that cannot be washed can be placed in the dryer on the highest setting for 10-15mins.
Any items which are not able to be washed or dried can possibly be steam cleaned. Anything else may have to be sealed in plastic bags and discarded.
3. All furniture should be vacuumed thoroughly.– this is ideal for getting rid of bed bug eggs and nymphs which are very small and not easily spotted. If possible again use a steam cleaner to kill any remaining eggs etc. Bed bugs cannot withstand heat but it must be instantaneous and somewhere around 450oC – turning the central heating up will not kill these blood suckers off.
4. Clear out any cracks and crevices, at this point a little DIY may be a good idea to seal up these hiding holes for good! Vacuum the reminder of the room -leave no piece of furniture, carpet, curtain, cushion undone! Remember to dispose of the vacuum bag immediately making sure that it is sealed. Then follow the same route in the same rigorous manner using a steam cleaner.
5. When carrying out this cleaning operation don’t forget to clean things such as picture frames and smoke alarms as well. Bed bugs will hide anywhere. Remember to get rid of any news papers, magazines etc. which may be lying around. 

6. Once you are satisfied that every corner has been cleaned your chosen treatment by calling your nearest professional such as BlueJay Termite and Pest.

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