Monday, November 7, 2011

Liquid vs Bait Stations in Termite Treatment

The two main types of termite treatments for homes are traditional liquid barriers  (drilling, trenching, rodding), and termite baiting systems (bait stations filled with a bait  cartridge which is place in the ground). Both treatments are offered by BlueJay Termite and Pest and are customized to fit your property.

Termidor Liquid 
is made from a revolutionary new non-repellent liquid termiticide. Termites cannot see, smell, taste or avoid Termidor. Instead they share it with others in their colony by touching or ingesting it. This is in sharp contrast to older liquid termite controls, which rely on repellent barriers that termites can find breaks in or avoid completely. Termites who contact Termidor transfer it to every other termite they come in contact with. The   "Transfer Effect™"  of  Termidor is engineered to be slow-acting so that termites have plenty of time to spread it throughout the entire termite colony. Click on the Termidor Logo to the left for more information.
  • America's #1 termite defense with over 2 million homes treated since 2000.
  • Kills by ingestion, contact, and the "Transfer Effect," meaning affected insects help spread Termidor throughout the colony before dying themselves.
  • Controls colonies up to 6 times faster than bait systems.
  • Most effective termiticide — over 10 years of test data prove most effective and fastest at eliminating termite populations.
  • Responsible, low-dose treatment, with no odor.
  • Has no effect on soil micro-organisms, earth worms or plants. 
  • Termite Bait System
    is proven to eliminate termite colonies around your home. It is the most environmentally friendly way to rid you house for termites. 
    Non-disruptive and Environmentally responsible
  • Blue Jay Termite and Pest  can install and monitor the Termite Bait System exterior stations without even entering your home.
  • With the Termite Bait System, no drilling in floors or foundations is required, and it results in limited disturbances to landscaping.
  • Liquid chemical treatments involve digging a trench and treating the soil around and under homes with hundreds of gallons of diluted chemicals. Additional liquid chemical may be injected through floors, porches and patios
  • The Termite Bait System uses termite bait only when and where termites are present to eliminate the colony.
  • With liquid chemical treatments, hundreds of gallons of diluted chemical may be necessary to treat around and underneath a home.
Termite Warranty's
Our guarantee is to get the termite control job done right. That's why we offer warranties that are renewable and 100% transferable.


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